sâmbătă, 25 februarie 2012

Nissan Onevia[WIP]

Hellou guys,it's 3 fucking AM and im working on this beast.
I fixed lots of bugs,retextured the lights and the windows,new wheels,new interior.
Still not finished,stay tuned.
Special thanks:Kiyoshi and Jakee

marți, 14 februarie 2012

Datsun 510 RatStyle

Hellou guys.NcS challenged me in a modding battle and i accepted.We both had to make a Datsun 510 RatStyle.This is my first ratstyle car so it is not as good as i wanted but it's a start and i really like it.Here are some pictures,please tell me your oppinions.

joi, 9 februarie 2012

Nissan S14 Zenki

Hello guys,this is my new project,hope you like it.
Things to do:Intercooler,new license plate,wingroof,new spoiler,camber and maybe some stickers.

miercuri, 8 februarie 2012

Nissan S13

Hellou guys,this is my first blog and im going to post my stuff here.This is my new car,a Nissan S13 wich im working on.Here's a preview of the car.
Credits:Emzone for stock model
      Danius-Rear bumper 
           Jake-Awesome Wheels